Following reports of raccoons acting odd, Kalamazoo area animal control officers suspect that distemper may be active in the animals.

may begin to wander aimlessly in a circle, disoriented and unaware of its surroundings, suffer paralysis or exhibit other bizarre behavior as a result of brain damage.

Further, they are not afraid of humans.

Our news partner WWMT reports on an animal that is suspected to have distemper

Distemper is a disease which could spread to our pets, killing them if they're not vaccinated. There is no known cure, only a vaccine to help prevention.


[Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement Officer Keith] Myers [said] "I definitely would not want a child of mine or a pet of mine to be exposed to it."

This video comes from 2012 and shows a raccoon in the Kalamazoo area that had distemper. This video may be disturbing to watch as the animal makes odd facial movements, falls over and appears to lose control of its faculties.

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