I'm in my fifth year of living in Kalamazoo and yet I'm always learning new things about our city. There has been so many things that were invented here, and a lot of history that I think gets swept under the rug. It's nice to take a look back every once in a while and reflect on how things used to be, including this article about buildings, events and companies that are no longer here. There's also some pretty interesting facts about Kalamazoo that people not familiar with, like how Kalamazoo was a stop on the underground railroad.

That's one example about how we're constantly learning about this awesome city. But for those who have called Kzoo home, I want to see just how much you know about the city. I made a quiz below, and without cheating, send in your results on our Facebook post. It consists of sports questions, odds & ends, and historic questions as well. Some are easier, some may be a little bit more challenging, but hey, it's something fun to do to pass the time. I personally think you'll have a fun time getting all of them right.

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How Well Do You Know Kalamazoo?

Can you recall what the first name of the city was, or what size the tornado of 1980 was? How educated are you with the sports teams and their history in Kalamazoo? If you think you get get all 15 questions right, take the quiz below and post your results in the comment section.

Murals from Kalamazoo's Wall Crawl

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