You see it a lot when trains pass you by, on bridges, and on buildings all over the city. Vandalization of public property by way of graffiti art. I personally love graffiti art and encourage street artists to continue to do what they do. At the same time, vandalizing something that is in use isn't cool and is a crime, but I understand it. Kalamazoo officials may also begin to understand it as well, as they are working on adding "graffiti parks" to Upjohn Park and Rockwell Park specifically designed for street artists to express their work, as reported by MLive.

The gardens would be fashioned with billboard-like plywood structures, which would be open to the public to draw or paint on, with some exceptions about what can be displayed on the billboards. No profanity,nudity, or gang signs will be tolerated or allowed.

I think this is a smart idea and feel that more cities should open their mind to this kind of idea to give street artists a place to express themselves.



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