I feel like I can't blink without hearing Kalamazoo mentioned on a National level lately.

I've become quite the podcast nerd over the last couple of years.  While listening to comedian Marc Maron's podcast WTF last week I was shocked to hear the Zoo mentioned.

Marc was interviewing rock radio DJ legends Jim Ladd and Frazer Smith.  One of them mentioned they started their radio career in Kalamazoo, MI.

The next day I was listening to This American Life podcast and heard an interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates talk about his recent stop in Kalamazoo.

Then a couple days later I found myself listening to another This American Life podcast that talked about a concentration camp.  The kids would sing a song a with the lyrics, "We might have been shipped to Timbuktu. We might have been shipped to Kalamazoo."

Is it just me, or has Kalamazoo gone from a myth to kind of a big deal lately?  Yes, a myth.  For years, people around the world thought Kalamazoo was a mythical place like Atlantis.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall


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