One of the Worlds hidden gems is Kalamazoo. did a great article titled "Uncovering Cities You Should See Before Word Gets Out." And Yes, Kalamazoo made the list! The only city in Michigan to make the list and Kalamazoo was ranked the 3rd city you need visit! Here is a what the article said about the towns that made the list...

Some of the best things in life fly under the radar. They don’t call them hidden gems for nothing, and these cities embody the concept of being known by few, but sincerely loved by those privy to their charms.

Once the article was posted an contribitor posted...

I recently spent one week traveling through the southwest region of Michigan and without a doubt my favorite city was Kalamazoo. An assortment of post educational facilities meant there was an abundance of students in the area. I stayed at the beautiful Radisson Plaza Hotel in the heart of downtown. Though it was expensive, its central location and charming views made it worth every penny. It also afforded me the opportunity to walk to some of the local brewpubs in the area. I decided to check out the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts which had some fascinating art work. It was explained to me that the museum held over 3,000 pieces of art, and I believed it. By the end of the day, my feet were sore from walking all over the museum.

I agree, Kalamazoo could not be a better place to live and play. Check out what visitors to our town had to say...

Dean R. reported on his experience on the Brew Pub Bus Tour here in kalamazoo..."A great experience with a great driver. Where to begin, the owner is a friendly guy who does everything possible to make his customers happy. He plays the best music. It's great to see a veteran start a small business and be so invested in his community and the Kalamazoo Beer scene."

Frankjs2015 posted on about visiting the Kalamazoo Valley Museum..."This is a great museum of local history. Temporary exhibits are well done and always fascinating. Beautiful building with outstanding architecture. Centrally located near hotel, restaurants and other features. Highly recommended!"

Other Amazing Places To Visit In Kalamazoo...

CyndieRae commented on regarding the Bank Street Farmer's Market..."I enjoyed spending time here with the locals! It was bigger than I expected, but not overwhelming. The were local crafts as well as food and flowers. The fruit and vegetables were fresh and beautiful and there were a few choices for ready to eat lunch there as well like pastys, breads, and Mexican food. Several places also had samples. I'd visit again! "

Dave H wrote on about the Kalamazoo Nature Center..."You have to go here. Excellent nature center with beautiful hiking trails. Jillian was a most accommodating host and an avid naturalist. Great place for kids. If it wasn't for the humidity that day I would have spent the whole day. Beautiful mature sugar maple/beech forest. My favorite place in the Kalamazoo area."

Dencrocket posted on a review of the Kalamazoo State Theatre..."This little theatre is a great place to catch a show. I don't believe there is a bad seat in the house. It's not that big but I have seen several big names perform here. Up close and personal. Great acoustics."

Kalamazoo is full of wonderful places to visit and have some fun!

Check Out The Full List Of Must Visit Cities

  1. Amarillo, Texas
  2. Encinitas, California
  3. Kalamazoo, Michigan
  4. Springfield, Illinois
  5. Mystic, Connecticut
  6. Hampton, Virginia
  7. Coral Gables, Flordia
  8. Sandpoint, Idaho
  9. Des Moines, Iowa
  10. Louisville, Kentucky
  11. Brattlebog, Vermont
  12. Knoxville, Tennessee
  13. Tulsa, Oaklahoma
  14. Rochester, New York
  15. Marietta, Ohio

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo and it is FABULOUS!

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