Just last week we found out that several marijuana dispensaries will be opening in the Kalamazoo area; albeit for medical marijuana card holders.  But this was quite the turning point from having recreational marijuana legalized and then most municipalities banning it's sale.  While many still hold to the refusal to progress to that end, we are seeing other movement towards normalization not just legalization.

In a reports on mlive.com, the city of Kalamazoo approved a deal last night to allow the purchase of approximately 6 acres of land in the Davis Creek Business Park to the Davis Creek Land Development Company which has the same principal owners as medical marijuana company Seven point Supply LLC.  The company will have to develop the land and construct a 20,000 square foot building for the purposes of cultivating and processing medical marijuana according to city recommendations.  By the way, the initial investment is about $1 million.  If you want more details click HERE.




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