Eddie Balderramas and his son Michael who reside in Kalamazoo could spend the next 30 or more years in prison for the crimes of harboring, concealing or shielding an illegal alien, conspiracy, misuse of social security numbers and aggravated identity theft. Michelle Martinez-Marte is a third party in this case also being charged with identity theft and social security number fraud and harboring and concealing illegal aliens as FOX 17 reports.

The indictment charges brought against the father and son alleges that between April 4, 2016 and July 20, 2017, the Balderramas traveled to New York City and brought illegal aliens to a home in Kalamazoo on multiple occasions. It was at this stage where Martinez-Marte would allegedly acquire authentic Puerto Rican birth certificates, driver’s licenses and social security numbers and cards of actual people and give them to the father and son.

After the illegals were brought hereto Kalamazoo, the duo would then allegedly provide the fake documents that made it look like the illegal aliens were Michigan residents to the illegals.  They'd also allegedly take the illegal aliens to the Michigan Secretary of State Offices and use those documents of other people along with other fake documents to get an authentic Michigan driver’s license.

While Eddie Balderramas remains in the custody of the U.S. Marshal Service awaiting a hearing, his son Michael has been released on bond. Martinez-Marte is currently in federal custody in Boston.



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