I was really hoping that, by now, we would be on the downward trend with cases of Covid-19, but that is not the case. Because of the recent surge in cases, Kalamazoo County has announced some new operational decisions.

Effective today, all Kalamazoo County buildings will be closed to walk-ins regardless of what a resident might need. This is until further notice.

As reported by MLive.com, Kalamazoo County Government Administrator Tracie Moored announced that

We intend to model actions that are proactive in slowing the spread of Covid-19. The health and safety of our more than 900 employees and all residents of Kalamazoo County has been, and remains, our top priority.

As well, Kalamazoo County's health and community services department will close completely apart from a few exceptions. Included are child immunizations, seasonal influenza vaccinations and limited sexually transmitted disease testing/treatment. But, again, they will only be available by appointment only.

Starting next week, Kalamazoo County courts will also be transitioning to appointment only. Residents who need to find forms, contact information and other information can still do so by visiting Kalamazoo County's website which I've linked here.

I know that, like me, you're probably over it. Over having to constantly stay away from people, over having to skip events, over having to wear a mask and so on. But, the fact of the matter is...Covid is still on the rise. With about 147 new cases in Kalamazoo yesterday alone, these preventative measures are necessary.

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask...let's get through this together!

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