For a town with a name that makes people believe its made up, Kalamazoo sure has some impressive residents.

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a teen whose baking business caught the eye of Kelly Clarkson.

And now, a local chef that has gained massive popularity has just announced a partnership with Target.

Her name is Keneisha Darden or Chef K as she introduces herself on Facebook Live.  Now, because I'm a part of the Facebook group, What's Happening KZOO, I've seen several of Chef K's videos. In fact, over the course of the pandemic she dedicated most Monday nights to going live on Facebook and sharing her methods of how to cook that day's meal. Let me tell you, as a significant other of a seasoned chef (no that wasn't a pun), she absolutely knows what she's doing. And I'm not the only one who noticed.

On her Facebook page, she made a video that teased a big announcement. That announcement? That she had been contacted by Target to become the face of a new community outreach effort. As she described it, it's a sponsorship. Through the month of March and some of April, Chef K will go into Target and purchase food from their brand, Good & Gather. With her skills, she'll then prepare, package and deliver meals to senior citizens in Kalamazoo.

I'm not sure if anyone reading this has ever tried to solicit partners or sponsorships from major brands like Target but its not easy. I say that to emphasize just how incredible it is that Target reached out to her. That doesn't happen often proving that Chef K's hard work is paying off.

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I also want to take a moment to commend Target for investing in a Black-owned business. In recent years, I've noticed a lot of companies showing their support for equality by making posts or commercials to say, "Hey we support this!" But, not many of them, to put it crudely, are putting their money where their mouth is. Besides the sponsorships like the one involving Chef K, Target has added a section of their website and app called "Buy Black" where you can browse Black-owned or founded brands specifically.

As if Chef K's sponsorship through Target wasn't impressive enough, she also holds the titles of Entrepreneur, Co-Owner of Exquisite Hair Design, and Lusso Chic Boutique. If you'd like to follow along on her journey or show your support, find her on Facebook.

Do you know of other impressive residents of Kalamazoo doing amazing things? Let me know! I would love to share their stories.

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