Lukasz Neeze has been a doctor in Kalamazoo and a resident of the United States of America and Michigan for 40 years. A former resident of Bloomfield Hills, this Polish American physician has lived in this country all while on a permanent Green Card and now it seems that this husband and father of two may have to leave the country.

Last week immigration officers arrested Nezze at his home in Kalamazoo and ICE agents have yet to explain exactly why he was chosen. LOCAL 4 Detroit is reporting that Nezze does have a small record of minor criminal activity. Citing that he possesses two former misdemeanor crimes for the destruction of property less than $100, the other for receiving and concealing stolen goods, however, those crimes took place in 1991.

Most recently he pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while impaired ten years ago and was charged but acquitted of a domestic violence charge in 2013. Neeze is an employee of the Bronson Health Care Center and has since been shown massive amounts of support by his friends and coworkers. It is possible that Neeze could be held up to six months before a hearing on his legal status in the country and so far, no such date has been made.

Marc Ashe, who is an immigration attorney here in Kalamazoo, says he thinks it's possible that ICE is now targeting wealthy immigrants with a European background to avoid looking like they are racial profiling other recent victims. Lukasz Neeze was never made aware that the two misdemeanors could be used against him for deportation at the time of his crimes, however, many believe that they play a role in his arrest.



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