March Madness has returned! It's that time of year again, where many of us are glued to our TV screens for countless hours of the day. We're watching our brackets and calculating points to see who has the most games picked correctly. From the upsets that bust your bracket to the thrilling game winners the month of March is full of high quality college hoops.

Kalamazoo, not only being a college city, but also home to so many craft breweries, has you covered on places to watch the biggest basketball tournament unfold. From longtime staple bars to the newer taverns that have been tailored to the college crowd, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, a drink, and soak in the game. Grab a few buddies, think of what kind of food and drinks you want, and head to one of the many places available.

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Simple Satisfaction

Starting off with the most common places, chain restaurants. These companies are smart enough to bolster their specials and schedule extra staff so they can keep the bar flowing, the games rolling on the TV's, and the cash rolling in. You can almost guarantee that most big restaurants that have a TV will be showing March Madness. Kalamazoo has multiple Main St Pub and Applebee's locations. Along with a Texas Roadhouse, Niskers, Texas Corral, and Red Robin who will all be playing the tournament.

Hometown Hospitality

Of Course, Kalamazoo has tons of places that you won't find in other states and will serve you drinks and great food while you indulge in hours of basketball. From bars I've gone to with my grandad as a kid to the newer ones that I've gone to for the first time post college graduation.

Old School Hangouts

Obviously, starting with what might be a bar that every person from Kalamazoo has been to, Shakespeare's. They have the food, drinks, and entertainment for all night fun, but there's some others that fall right along with them. Up and Under gives off the smae ambience while also giving way to Kzoo staples such as Old Burdicks, Nob Hill, and Duck Inn which all give a different vibe of their own without attracting the younger crowd.

College Town Crowds

In the recent years since returning back home from college, I realized that some of the bars recently built, mostly on the west side of town, are very modern and tailored toward the college demographic. This is one of the months that I'm happy to still be and look young because these places are absolutely BUZZING. From On campus bars such as the Old Goat Tavern, The Library Taphouse, Ybar and Bistro, and University Roadhouse to off campus bars such as The Tin Can and LFG Gaming bar.

No matter your style of bar, no matter your style of food, and no matter your personal vibe we have a place for. Looking for somewhere to watch the game in Kalamazoo is easy. Find a local staple thats been around for a while or check out one of the newer bars in town. Either way you'll have a great place to enjoy the game, grab a drink, and eat some good food.

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