I'm sure more than a few of the conversations occupying our lives have to do with what will be the new normal.  Will we all be wearing masks?  And for how long?  What common items may not be readily available?  What businesses will be gone forever?  what will work be like?  What about social distancing?  How will that dominate our lives?  Well, one major business is already taking steps; all in the same direction.

Walmart posted on Facebook that starting today many facilites will be converting to one-way aisles.  Frankly, I think this is a good idea.  prior to this arrangement, there were lines on the floor 6 feet apart but, trust me, there were a lot of violators.  I still think they should include the lines for the people who think everything is hunky dory and start riding up behind you.  Let's see if we can be better shoppers than we are drivers.

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