So, you got a dog. Now what?

Regardless of the age of the dog that you may have just purchased or, hopefully, adopted, you may find yourself in need of a dog trainer. And, you wouldn't be alone.

Recently, on Kalamazoo's Reddit, someone asked,

Any recommended dog trainers or classes around kzoo? I have a couple one year old Husky Shepherd mixes and they're the sweetest dogs ever but they refuse to not pull like sled dogs when we walk. Can anyone recommend a trainer? Hopefully one that doesn't break the bank cause I'm a young dude with a dead end job but I'm willing to pay whatever I need to to fix this to make sure I can keep them safe on walks.

Puppies, especially, tend to need a bit of extra attention. Thankfully, there seem to be multiple options.

Based on recommendations from locals, here are the 4 best dog trainers in the Kalamazoo area:

1. Gillette Kennels 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Located in Galesburg, Gillette Kennels acts as a boarding facility as well as a training facility. Judging by their website, they offer group training and private training too. You can find their class schedule either online or on their Facebook page.

2. Briar Wood Dog Training 

Briar Wood Dog Training's motto, according to their Facebook page, is,

Sensible instructions for superior results- dog training from the ground up uniquely tailored to each individual client's needs!

And, judging by that photo, it looks like their training works! They offer training that is unique to the specific dog and cover everything from basic dog training to behavior modification and everything in between. This trainer was recommended by u/evee829 who said, "We did group classes but she was really attentive to what each dog was struggling with." Find more information on their Facebook page.

3. TipTopTails Dog Training

TipTopTails, in Kalamazoo, offers both individual and group training classes for puppies and grown dogs and was the most recommended place for dog training on the original Reddit post. According to their Facebook page, their experienced instructors make training fun and effective to "bring out the best in your dog." You can find out more, like pricing and schedule, on their website.

4. Kalamazoo Dog Training Club 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

The Kalamazoo Dog Training Club, in Portage, offers beginning courses to competition-level training at their facility. Since it's a "club" you'll need to double-check what the requirements are. You can find all of their information either on their website or Facebook page.

Sit, stay, roll over, play dead...whatever training your dog needs help with, hopefully, you'll be able to find it at one of these 4 recommended locations.

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