ESPN reported late Monday that Matthew Stafford has reached a new five year deal with the Detroit Lions that makes him highest paid football player in history. The guaranteed money is about $92 Million. How much buying power is that?I did quick Google search for expensive things and found a story on It lists 15 of the most expensive things ever bought.

On top of that list, the feather of a Huia bird, the most valuable feather in the world (I don't get it, either) - $10,000. Second on the list, a parking spot in New York City, at a cool million. But that means you'd have to spend time in NYC. Ewww.

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After that, a crystal piano, a magnetic floating bed, a gold-plated sports call for $10 mil, a $46 million dollar diamond, and a bunch of other stuff. The most expensive thing on their list is a $4.5 Billion dollar yacht.

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I started up the Windows 10 calculator. These 15 items add up to $6,452,110,000. So, yes you can be envious of Matthew Stafford. Keep in mind though, he could probably go on a buying spree and but still only pick up about nine of these items. So this should make you realize, $92 million dollars just doesn't go that far anymore.

Oh, there's one more thing he could get.

Dave Benson/TSM