UPDATE: Genesee County Sherriff Chris Swanson relayed a message to the public confirming Jelly Roll's visit is closed to the public and all media. No interviews or photos were allowed, and there would be no outside performance for the public.


That Jelly Roll, he's one of the good ones! A few months back when rumors about the award-winning rapper's potential visit to Michigan started to fly, I thought it was too good to be true.

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Not that I don't take Jelly Roll at his word! But he's one of the hottest performers on the scene right now-- he's a busy guy. Between touring, awards shows, interviews, studio time, and let's not forget family time, I just figured Michigan would get lost in the shuffle. No harm, no foul.

That's why I was so shocked to learn that fresh off his Best New Artist win at the Country Music Awards and a Grammy nomination, Jelly Roll has announced he is in fact coming to visit the inmates at this Michigan jail after all!

Genesee County Sherriff Chris Swanson made the announcement in a video on Facebook yesterday to make the big reveal. In video Swanson said,

He's the modern day Johnny Cash is what I call it. And the reason I reached out to him is because of what he's doing, and the work that he's doing speaks to what this community is doing and being seen around the world.

Swanson says he's been in touch with Jelly Roll and his management for the past 5 months in order to bring this special opportunity to life.

Swanson formed the Genesee County Jail's INGITE program, which focuses on reversing the cycle of generational incarceration through education. Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, has also spent time behind bars and now uses his platform to advocate for inmate rehabilitation.

To put it simply, these are good dudes doing good things that have a real impact on these inmates-- and their families. Jelly Roll is set to visit the Genesee County Jail on December 5, 2023.

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