I don't need to tell you, you already know-- things get wild at a Jelly Roll concert!

Just take his most recent appearance in Michigan at Pine Knob where the man himself took a ride down the giant slip n' slide that is known at the lawn. However, this time it was a fan who took the show to the next level, literally.

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In case you missed it or haven't seen the viral TikTok video, a daring Jelly Roll fan who knows no fear recently scaled the roof at a recent show at the Blossom Music Center near Akron, Ohio.

I have SO many questions. And so does Jelly Roll!

bridgette hall via TikTok
bridgette hall via TikTok

Backwoods Baptism

The "Need a Favor" singer, who's real name is Jason DeFord, brought his Backwoods Baptism tour to the famed Blossom Music Center on September 30. Judging from the video the incident in question happened during some downtime between opener Struggle Jennings and headliner Jelly Roll.

If you were inside the pavilion you probably missed the entire ordeal, but the fans on the lawn sure got a treat!

The Cleveland Orchestra via YouTube
The Cleveland Orchestra via YouTube

Now, you're probably wondering how he got up there in the first place? Well, I blame poor planning on the venue's part; there are literally two giant beams that stretch from the ground to the roof which are practically just begging for some drunk fan to scale them. And that's exactly what happened!

Past attendants claim there are spikes on the beams to prevent such an incident from happening but you know the old adage: where there's a will, there's a way.

Where Are They Now?

Did he make it down ok? What happened after he came back down? Did he get arrested? Like I said, we all have so many questions-- including Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie:

bridgettehall_via TikTok
bridgettehall_via TikTok

Who is this fan? Where are they now? What happened next?

Several fans claim to be the perpetrator, or know who they are, but nothing solid has been confirmed yet. Here's what fans are speculating:

  • "my dad worked the concert on the mounted unit, unfortunately- he did get arrested" - Sierra
  • "saw him get picked up and lifted out by security they literally carried him he got arrested and it's a 5000 dollar fine per the security team there" - laurencohen90
  • "this happens at almost every concert" - stoney167

Algorithm, please do your thing! Will the real rooftop rebel please stand up?!

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