This 79-year-old Garfield Heights, Ohio woman could get locked up for feeding cats.

Nancy Segula has received four citations in the last couple of years for feeding stray cats according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

“It began in 2017 with me feeding stray kitties. I used to have a neighbor that had a couple cats and he moved away so he left them,” Segula said. “I would always feed them and care for them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover. Once my neighbors got upset about it, they called the animal warden."

A magistrate sentenced this poor old lady who's feeding hungry animals to 10 days in jail.  Fox 8 Cleveland points out that this law is in fact in the books,

In Garfield Heights, it is illegal to feed stray dogs and cats under ordinance 505.23.

Who cares?  It's a dumb law that a magistrate is using to put an otherwise law abiding elderly woman in jail.  You can do far worse in Ohio and not do jail time.

Update on this story: A different judge has ordered a new hearing on this case before Segula has to report to jail on August 11th.

Ohio...STOP IT!

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