A potentially explosive situation at a Battle Creek gas station was avoided due to the quick action of Battle Creek firefighters, Monday morning, June 26th. A vehicle had plowed into a gas delivery truck that was in the process of filling underground storage tanks. 

Rescue 2 was the first to arrive at the C-Store on North Avenue, at around 9:30 AM, with the Battle Creek Police and LifeCare Ambulance close behind. They found a gasoline fuel tanker that had been struck by another vehicle, damaging the delivery hose and valve. As a result, fuel was leaking and causing a highly hazardous situation.

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Battle Creek's Celebrated Hazmat Team Springs To Action

Rescue 2 immediately activated the emergency shut-off and called for a hazmat team response. Fortunately, the BCFD Hazmat Team has been recognized by the state as a Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) response unit and noted for their skill in hazardous spills. 

Firefighters created dams and diverted as much product from the gasoline spill as possible from entering the drain. As other units arrived, crews deployed oil booms and absorbent pads to slow the spread of gasoline.  

The Battle Creek Fire Department Haz-Mat team trains for a potential train derailment.
Battle Creek Fire Department Hazmat Team

Was Gasoline Evident At Drainage Points Of The Storm Sewers?

Members of the Battle Creek Department of Public Works arrived to investigate nearby drainage discharge points. It was estimated that up to 250 gallons of gasoline were discharged due to the crash. The quick action of Battle Creek firefighters avoided disaster and no sign of fuel was detected at the drainage discharge points. 

Representatives of the transport company were notified, and they contacted an environmental cleanup company for the final mop-up. 

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