Let's face it. It's hard being a woman just about anywhere in this country, or this world for that matter. I'm empathetic towards the fact that for as long as I've been alive, there's an underlying sexism that still lingers in the core of our everyday life. It's in the jokes we tell, the way we put things or people down. It's always a feminine term we use to degrade. It's science...
But now statistics are even showing that in Michigan, it's one of the worst states to be a woman on multiple levels. Zippia used the Census’ American Community Survey as a way to determine just how bad it is by ranking each state 1-to-50 in four categories:

  • Percentage Of Women CEOs (Lower is worse)
  • Percentage Of Women In Poverty (Higher is worse)
  • Income Gap Between Male And Female Earners (Higher is worse)
  • Life Expectancy (Lower is worse)

It turns out Michigan is the 7th worst state to live in for women. In fact, Indiana and Ohio make up the bread in this crappy oppressive sandwich we call a state. ThAnKs oBaMa.

Worst States To Be A Woman

  1. West Virginia
  2. Louisiana
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Kentucky
  5. Utah
  6. Ohio
  7. Michigan
  8. Indiana
  9. Texas
  10. Alabama
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