This morning I was going through all Keurig Cups in the kitchen here at work, and I noticed something strange. All the cups had something to do with vacation! Well, in my brain they did.

So the first cup I picked up is called “Lake & Lodge”. Of course bringing back memories from when I was a kid going on vacation with my parents to places like Boyne Mountain and Shanty Creek. Remembering going skiing and sipping hot chocolate in the lodge to heat up before going back out to ski!

Then the second one I picked up was called “Double Diamond” with a picture of 2 black diamonds. Well I was thinking, are you kidding me? If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding, they rank the difficulty level of the hills with shapes and colors. A double black diamond is a very difficult hill.

Just find it strange that my work coffee is trying to tell me to leave work and go to a resort up north. I guess we will see if I take my coffee’s advice!...... Wow that sounded weird even in my head.

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