Just when I thought I'd heard everything here comes the Christmas Pickle Ornament Tradition.  Really???  Christmas Pickle???  Wasn't Festivas from Seinfeld enough?  I actually walked around work and asked several people if they were aware of the Christmas Pickle Ornament Tradition as many said oh sure.  So now I have something else to add to my Christmas miracle.

Our friends from simplemost.com, the Christmas Pickle ornament is hidden somewhere on the tree and whoever finds it is supposed to have good luck in the coming year.  In some families, apparently, whoever finds the pickle ornament gets an extra present or gets to chose the first present to open.  The origins of the pickle ornament were thought to come from Germany but it turns out that's not true and no one really knows how the good luck thing started either.  If you want to get just about as much information on the Christmas Pickle Ornament Tradition as humans should be allowed to have, you can start by clicking HERE.





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