Rumors of Crossroads Mall closing have heated up this week.  Is there any truth to the rumors?

The news of Sears, one of the mall's anchor stores, closing definitely helped give the mall closing conversation legs.  Then there's the case of the mall carousel suddenly leaving after 13 years.  Let's separate fact from fiction and get to the bottom of this.

Over the last couple of days people have taken to twitter about the possible closing of Crossroads Mall:

I could only find two or three unoccupied stores in Crossroads Mall yesterday (Wednesday, August 21st, 2019.)

However, the food court seems to be hurting.  Right now they appear to be missing 3 restaurants.  Which leaves you with Subway, Sbarro Pizza and Paulie's Cheesteak in the food court area.

The latest rumor is that Crossroads Mall was purchased and will be closed by the end of the year and will be replaced by condos.

Crossroads Mall was purchased in 2018 by Brookfield Property Partners.  However, Lindsay Kahn, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Brookfield Property tells us the rumors are not true, "the mall is not closing."

In fact, while at the mall yesterday I noticed they were repaving the parking lot in front of the entrance near Macy's and Chico's.  Not to mention someone just finished remodeling the old Finish Line space at the beginning of August.

It's easy to understand why the rumors exist with the current economy along with constant news of box stores closing.  Don't think of Sears as the canary in the coal mine of Crossroads Mall.  The mall that's been a staple of Southwest Michigan since 1980, appears to be sticking around.



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