A lot of people will be hitting the stores today to get those big bags of salt that will melt the ice off your steps, sidewalks, and driveways. I just wonder if they are safe for your dogs?

So I did a little online investigating and found out some can make your dog sick! According to petparents.com

Ingestion of ice melt products can cause depression, tremors, disorientation, loss of appetite, increased water consumption, seizures and even death! The good news is for the more serious neurological signs and death your dog would have to ingest a fair amount of ice melt depending on its’ weight (the lethal dose of sodium chloride is 4G/kg of body weight; a kg is 2.2 pounds).

This scares me because I have a fenced in yard and part of the fenced in portion is a good portion of the driveway. The last time I want to do is make my dogs sick, but I also don't want to put my family in danger of falling on the ice.

Anyone know of any safe pet products when it comes to salting your walkways, or driveways? 

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