Police are searching for a man that removed a woman's shoes by force in front of her child to film her feet.

It can be fun to make fun of the crazy stories out of states like Ohio or Florida.  How many times have you seen a headline start with "A Florida Man..." and you knew you were about to read something hilarious and disturbing.  Well, it's as if Indiana told Ohio and Florida "hold my PBR."  Lately the stories out of the Hoosier state have been outrageous.

The creepy incident happened on Monday evening just over a week ago at the Target in Munster, Indiana.  A stranger repeatedly asked a Target customer if he could see her shoes.  The woman, who was shopping with her child, kept refusing.  The man then forcibly removed her shoe and sock; and not only filmed her feet but also filmed her child.  Unfortunately, none of the cameras in Target caught the incident but they do have a description of the suspect according to NWItimes.com,

The suspect was described as a black man wearing a black jacket and purple pants.

Lt. John Peirick of the Munster Police Department told NWI Times that they have not been able to identify the suspect at this time.

Something to think about before this little piggy goes to the market.

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