This Fort Wayne, Indiana man is doing what he can to help his community during the pandemic.

David Eisenhauer wanted to find a way to help during this strange time.  Since he loves cosplay he decided he would dress up as Batman and wave to neighbors passing by hoping to raise their spirits.  His wife AJ made free masks and left them on their front step for people passing by to stop and pick them up as needed.  This family has been doing their thing for the community well before this pandemic according to,

The Eisenhauer’s are the founders of the Summit City Cause-Players. It’s a charity organization formed in 2017 that supplies costumed characters at no charge for community and nonprofit events, such as schools and hospitals.   They’ve participated in events at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Lutheran Hospital, the Allen County Public Library, Byron Health Center, Arts United and Erin’s House.


Do you know of people doing their part to help the community through this pandemic?  If so, let us know in the comments.  We would love to get the word out.

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