What started as a cheaper alternative to hotel stays, Airbnb has grown tremendously over the years.

While people point out that some stays have gotten unreasonable ($75 cleaning fee but I still have to clean up?), Airbnb is still a place where you can find some very unique stays. Like this one in Indiana.

Located on Eagle Lake in Ligonier, you can stay in a renovated grain bin for just over $100 a night. The stay is listed as a rare find since bookings fill up early but, inside the grain bin you'll find:

  • 2 king-sized beds
  • a loft
  • 2 bathrooms
  • small kitchenette
  • an outside firepit
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The grain bin sleeps six, according to the Airbnb listing, and includes a tandem kayak you can rent to explore the nearby lakes. Curious about what a renovated grain bin looks like? Take the tour below:

Would You Stay in a Grain Bin in Indiana for $100+ a Night?

A renovated grain bin, listed on Airbnb, offers a pretty unique stay for those who visit.

As mentioned above, this is deemed a "rare" listing. Meaning, there may not be many dates available for your stay. If you'd like to check the availability of this Airbnb listing you can do so here.

It's interesting to see the creativity that goes into making a place Airbnb-worthy. For example, someone restored a shipping container in Michigan that you can now say in:

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Shipping Container Airbnb in Benton Harbor, Michigan

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