A 9-year-old found the craziest thing in the family car.  What happened next is remarkable.

The Melvin family purchased a pre-owned vehicle last September.  It's a beautiful, white Chevy Suburban.  Just the other day Michael Melvin put his son Landon to work cleaning out the inside of their family ride when they got the surprise of a lifetime.  Landon found a package that contained checks and $5,000 cash.  Landon was met with disbelief when he ran to tell his father what he had found according to ABC 7 Chicago,

"I was like 'whatever.' He's nine," his father said. " I'm like 'you found something, OK.' He says, 'No, Dad I really did.' I walk over. I see it. I reach down. I say, you know, 'what is this?' And, I'm thinking it's probably paperwork of some sort."


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The Melvins tracked down the previous owner of the SUV.  The family, who lives in South Carolina, lost the money while on vacation 2 years ago.  They apparently forgot they put the money under one of the vehicle's floormats.

It's amazing to see this family find $5,000 and do the right thing and give it back.  The previous owners felt the same way.  That's why they insisted that 9-year-old Landon keep $1,000 of the $5,000 that he found.

Landon is still thinking about how he will spend his money.  For now, it's locked away in his room.  This young Indiana boy says he will never say no to cleaning out the car again.

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