We all have that one food item that we could eat every single day. For me, I could seriously eat tacos everyday and never get sick of it. Sadly, the reality of a somewhat healthy lifestyle beacons us to use moderation when it comes to anything. I wanted to know what the people of the Kalamazoo area would gorge on everyday if they could. Here's what you said:

Sarah Wadkins- Peanut Butter M&Ms!
Amanda Steffey- Chocolate, of course ...
Maria Giese- Butter chicken
Kerri Moorefield- Orange slices (gummy candy)
Emma Corinne- Pasta or cake lol
Jenn Williams- Sweetwater's donuts
Paula Roberts- Stuffed Crust Pizza
Kasia Kendra- Enchiladas with a ton of sour cream.
Alyssa Marie- Chinese buffet
Tamie Coates- Ice Cream!!!
Christina Lyndsey- Biscuits & gravy


I'm actually kind of surprised there were more sweets and candy on the list than actual foods. It's stuff like lasagna, pizza, tacos, stuffed shells, and nachos that I could crush on the daily if I could. What's one thing you could eat everyday? Let us know on Facebook!

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