Anyone who appreciates a good pizza pie knows that Cottage Inn Pizza has some amazing and innovative pizzas and has been one of my personal favorites since moving to Kalamazoo. On top of that, they also paired with Frosty Boy Ice Cream in the same building which makes it an even more crucial dinner destination.

But driving by yesterday I noticed the sign for Cottage Inn Pizza had been covered up with a white sheet indicating the building still sold pizzas and subs. What happened? Did they go out of business? I felt it was my personal obligation to go in and get some answers and to find out if I can still get my amazing meatball pizza.

As it turns out, Frosty Boy and Cottege Inn Pizza were two completely different entities and Frosty Boy has cut ties with them. Frosty Boy has now taken over completely. But lovers of this unique pizza and ice cream combo store have no reason to worry. The new owner of Frosty Boy informed me that they are changing their name to "Frosty Boy Ice Cream, Pizza, Subs & More." So a new street sign can be expected.

They have already launched their own menu and are already planning special events to let people know that it's still the perfect place to get dinner and dessert. This was the only particular Cottage Inn Pizza to close and is no reflection on the other ones in the area. John Dole, the new Owner of Frosty Boy ran the Dairy Queen in Three Rivers for the past 20 years and said they wanted to branch off and be their own company.



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