Howie Mandel shocked social media over the weekend by uploading an uncensored video of what appeared to be a rectal prolapse.

According to Newsweek, in a since-deleted graphic video shared on TikTok, Mandel's friend could be seen bending over and exposing their anus — while seemingly experiencing a rectal prolapse — to the camera. In the clip, the America's Got Talent judge wondered if the prolapse was somehow "COVID-related."

Mercifully, the video was removed after several hours, and Mandel continued posting content to TikTok in the aftermath. He appears to have moved on like nothing happened.

However, his followers are still demanding answers on social media.

"U gonna say something about that one tiktok," one user demanded in the comments under another of Mandel's most recent videos.

"My brother in Christ, we can't just skip over the issue at hand," another wrote.

"I like how EVERY comment is about THE video," yet another TikTok user commented.

The comments sections on many of the comedian's most recent TikTok posts feature similar messages of confusion, revulsion and exasperation.

Mandel's disturbing and bizarre post didn't just traumatize TikTok, though. Many people took to Twitter to react to the explicit video.

Plenty of users expressed trauma after looking up the video against their better common sense.

"I should've minded my business instead of being a nosy b---h and searching up howie mandel," one user tweeted.


Another used a photo from Mean Girls for a hilarious meme. "Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by howie mandel posting a prolapsed anus on his tik tok," they wrote. (Everyone on the internet should be raising their hands at this point...)

Scroll through these and some more of the funniest reactions, below:

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