I don't own a house, so I don't need home improvement stores as much as some people. But I got invited to a coffee and doughnut event at Menards Wednesday morning. And I found out something I didn't know.Menard's sells groceries. And a lot of them. And not just beef jerky and canned nuts for workers picking up stuff. They've got milk and real food. This isn't official or anything, but several employees told me it could be around 40% of their business. Really?

Stocked grocery shelves at Menards. (Photo: Dave Benson)

Lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, ketchup!. I mention the ketchup, because as I was walking through the store, a couple of workers with a mini-forklift were transporting a ton of ketchup to it's place in the grocery area.

When I came back to work, I mentioned it to a co-worker and she wasn't surprised. She buys a bunch of stuff there. Some of it is a lot cheaper than the competition, some is just normally priced. But she's a regular.

Oh, and the doughnuts were good. Thanks.


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