Even if you are alone, you can cuddle...

With the temperatures dropping and the air chill just above freezing, now is the perfect time to cuddle up. But what if you are single?! How do warmth when alone? According to thought catalog  here is how a single gal cuddles up...

1. Pizza. Preferably a large pizza in a box. But hey, you can make a single slice work as well.

2. Your neighbor’s unwilling cat that you kidnapped. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3. A physical copy of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. To remind you that there are other people out there who are more single than you.

4. A giant bathrobe. It doubles as a blanket and as a way of not having to put on pants when the delivery guy comes to the door. For every meal.

5. A large bottle of Barefoot wine.

Okay, all fun and silliness aside, here are some rituals from Sleep Better,  to really help you cuddle up and relax in the cold months ahead...

  1. Read a book or magazine by a soft light
  2. Take a warm bath
  3. Listen to soft music
  4. Dim the lights in the hours leading up to bed
  5. Wear fuzzy socks or slippers (warm toes will always make you feel better).

Personally, I enjoy a hot cup a tea and listening to the radio. Not too innovating but incredibly enjoyable!


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