If you have empty bottles after the Holiday season, here is a great way to reuse them. Looks good and is a ton of fun to make!

Tess Taylor and myself have found ways to recycle, reuse, and entertain ourselves this snowy winter. We are reinventing wine bottles! The mirrored wine bottles we made are among one of my favorites so far.

It would look great in a bathroom, filled with flowers, used as a candle holder, the uses are endless! It is a really simple and fun project; here is what you need to know.

What You Will Need To Make A Mirrored Bottle...

  1. Empty Bottle.
  2. SOS Pads
  3. Mirrored Spray Paint
  4. Rubber Bands

How To Make A Mirrored Bottle...

  1. Drink the wine.
  2. Soak bottles in warm soapy water.
  3. Peel the labels off the bottle.
  4. Sometimes the labels leave some glue behind on the bottles, and an easy way to get it off is with a SOS pad.
  5. Dry bottles
  6. Wrap rubber bands around the bottle (as many or as few as you would like).
  7. Spray paint bottle with mirrored spray paint.
  8. Let dry (about and hour or two).
  9. Re-spray paint the bottle.
  10. Let the bottle set over night.
  11. Take off the rubber bands.
  12. Enjoy!
The bottle rubber banded and ready for spry.
A photo of the bottle after the first coat of paint.



When the mirrored paint first goes on, it looks very clear until it starts to dry. So don't freak, just give the paint time to dry.


Have fun and I can't wait to see what you made!



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