This project is cheap, easy and perfect to give as a gift.

Heather McGregor and I are going through a DIY craft phase and we aren't playing around.  We've been making cookies, Christmas gifts and even adding new projects to our "to-do" list before finishing the one we are currently working on.  There's nothing like sitting back and looking at something you've created with your hands.

Here is what you'll need for these wine bottle crafts:

- Empty Wine Bottles (preferably clear)

- Rubber Bands (thin)

- Twine

- Super Glue

- Glue Gun

- Matte Spray Paint (your choice of color)

- Scotch tape

- Drill Bit with Glass Drill Bit

- Flowers

Speaking of wine bottles, Wine Not? is BACK!  Get your tickets here:

Bonus Video

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