The reason this man ended up with no pants on in public is tragic yet hilarious.

This all started on Sunday, April 28th around lunchtime when a woman drove by a man standing outside his car going full Winnie-the-Pooh.  It turns out, that Pooh is the most accurate description once you dig into what was really going on at that moment at Meadow Wood Boulevard and Lyndhurst Road in Lyndhurst, Ohio. The woman immediately called 9-1-1 to report the half-naked man according to,

The caller told dispatch that the man then put on tan shorts, got back into his small, blue/gray-colored car and drove away.

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Using the description the 9-1-1 caller provided, police were able to track the man down.  The suspect's excuse passed the smell test.  It turns out, he misidentified a solid for a gas.  Yes, he took a poo in his pants.

After having an accident in his pants, the man pulled his car over to clean up and change into shorts.  Did he just happen to have shorts with him or was he prepared for this very moment?  Either way, law enforcement felt that the man suffered enough and let him go on his way with no charges.


What's the deal with Ohio and poop?  Remember the attorney that got busted for pooping in Pringles cans and tossing them at people?  Click here for that stinky story.

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