The same system that produced strong winds in Michigan also produced multiple tornadoes including a historic first.

On Saturday, March 5, 2022, a storm system moved through Michigan and much of the midwest. Michigan saw thunderstorms and strong winds move across the state overnight and many residents were left without power.

Thankfully, no tornadic activity was reported in Michigan. The system produced a deadly EF-4 tornado that left 7 dead in Iowa. It is the furthest north an EF-4 or greater storm has happened this early in the year since reliable records began in the 1880s.

As the system continued east it produced an EF-0 tornado that was confirmed 4 miles southwest of Royal Center, Indiana. The system dropped two more EF-0 tornadoes in Ohio. One near Versailles, Ohio where two large barns were described as leveled by the National Weather Service.

The second EF-0 tornado happened near Russia, Ohio. Multiple trees were uprooted and several structures' roofs were partially removed by the strong winds.

Hopefully, this is not an indicator for a tumultuous spring for storms systems. It would be impossible to predict at this time.

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