Hey there groovy guys and groovy girls, peace, love dove. Beads, bells, incense, light shows, crash pads and Hare Krishna all you groovy freaks...dig it, right on and power to the people. It looks like the new year won't be such a total drag because the cats at Hippie Fest have announced they're bringing the peace van all over Michigan, including a gig in Kalamazoo. This far out space will have live music, acres of bohemian vendor booths, vintage hippie car show, interactive drum circles, giant bubble garden, DIY tie-dye, cirque performers, delicious food, and more things to get your head right.

They be making a whole bunch of stops in West Michigan to wrap up their tour.Here's their tour schedule:

2021 Hippie Fest Tour Dates
May 8 & 9 -Hippie Fest - Salisbury, NC
June 5 -Hippie Fest - Kalamazoo, MI
June 19 & 20 -Hippie Fest - Georgia
Aug 7 & 8 -Hippie Fest - Hocking Hills, OH
Aug 21 -Hippie Fest - Ionia, MI
Sept 25 -Hippie Fest - Indiana
Oct 9 -Hippie Fest - Mears, MI
Oct 23 & 24 - Hippie Fest - Columbia, SC
Due to crowd size and parking limitations, tickets have be reserved online in advance, which is a total trip, man, plus theirs only limited tickets remaing. You gotta' reserve tickets while they last at HippieFest.org if you wanna groove. Like my main man said ya dig...there's gonna be some far out people of all ages for America's grooviest art and music festival. Tickets for the Kalamazoo stop can be bought here for $12. It's happening Saturday, June 5th from Noon until 7 p.m.. Solid...
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