For all you groovy cats out there who were looking to vibe out and get your head together at Hippie Fest in Kalamazoo on June 5th, I got some news that's a real drag for ya'. It looks like Hippie Fest won't be rollin' through Kalamazoo after all. The pandemic has taken its toll on us and it turns out things just aren't safe enough yet, as the Hippie Fest page announced. They've instead announced they'll be moving to another location entirely for the June 5th date:

Things in Michigan are still on their way to getting back to normal and the Kalamazoo County Health Department feels it is still too early to bring Hippie Fest to Kalamazoo on June 5th. Since we know there are a lot of hippies who feel comfortable gathering outdoors, and since state restrictions have recently been eased, we have decided to move forward with Hippie Fest on Saturday June 5, 2021 at another Michigan location. We invite you to join us at Treetoad Family Farm in Trufant, MI for a groovy experience in a beautiful new setting. Treetoad Family Farm is owned by the family who operates Hippie Fest, and we are so excited to welcome everyone to our home!

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This is like a bad trip dude. Just when things start to ease up a little bit, it's like someone threw out that brownie you've been saving for the event. Treetoad Family Farm in Trufant is about 45 minutes Northeast of Grand Rapids at 10834 W Willard Rd, and tickets for Kalamazoo Hippie Fest will be honored.

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