Christmas Eve at the Hillsdale Taco Bell got out of hand fast.

According to the Hillsdale Daily News,

A 22-year-old Jonesville man is behind bars after “going into a rage” and causing severe damage to the Hillsdale Taco Bell located on Carleton Road near the Industrial Drive.

The suspect, Dakota James Joblinski, isn't sure himself how or why he caused over $1,000 worth of damage to the Taco Bell where he worked.  He "just lost it" and threw a chair threw a window.  The police were originally called because someone thought Joblinski was trying to break in to restaurant.  Oh by the way, Joblinski wasn't just an employee.  He was a manager.

This all began with an off-site staff Holiday party.  But nobody is sure how this went from a Holiday party to a five-year felony crime.

This is usually where I would say something like, "Ohio Stop It."�� But this happened in Michigan.  So, just look away...nothing to see here.

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