A West Liberty, Ohio man is in deep dish trouble after attempting to speed home to eat pizza.

It's not just that 49-year-old Wyatt Strickland was speeding.  Heck, the fact that Strickland was allegedly doing 114 M.P.H. in a 55 M.P.H. zone isn't the shocking fact about this case.  It's how the police found the suspect what he told law enforcement when they finally located him that melts my brain.

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Instead of pulling over when a Logan County Sheriff's Deputy attempted to pull the suspect over for going 85 M.P.H, he allegedly sped up to 114 M.P.H.  When the suspect vanished from site, the policed let their noses do the detective work according to the Bellefontaine Examiner,

deputies said they observed an odor of burnt brakes, and then were able to locate Strickland’s vehicle parked in his driveway on T.R. 166. Deputies said the vehicle was still hot to the touch and the odor of burnt brakes was even stronger in the area.

The deputies then questioned Strickland at his residence where he admitted to speeding because he had just picked up a pizza from Urbana and didn't want a ticket.  The hungry suspect received more than a ticket.  The 49-year-old Ohio man was charged with "failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer and obstructing official business during a traffic incident," according to examiner.org.

After being released, he personally apologized to the deputies for his reckless actions.

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