You can learn how to rip up a guitar at Guitar Center and impress your friends.

My partner in crime suggested that we take a guitar lesson at Guitar Center and now I believe that I can be a rock star!

Ok, not really...I mean, not a "star" so to speak, but someone who can pick up an axe and make some music happen around a campfire! It was such a fun evening and I learned a lot, 3 cords! I know you may not think that is great but I do! And to top it all of the lesson was FREE! Right on their web-site Guitar Center boasts

We offer guitar lessons for all skill levels, ages 7 and up. Our standardized curriculum covers key elements of guitar instruction, from finger and hand positioning to scales and arpeggios.

It was so much fun and they did not try to sell us anything. In fact, I need to reach out to them to schedule my second lesson. Come on, every rock star needs more then one lesson!

And it is not just guitar lessons they offer, drums and keyboards too. It was a really fun way to spend an evening with a great friend!

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