Not to brag but Thursdays here are pretty amazing. Dana isn't bad company...but let me show you the face I was greeted with today when Katie Timber from the SPCA of SW Michigan joined us for Dog Days...

Nikko 3

This is Nico. He's a three year old mix who had to be surrendered to the SPCA after his owner faced medical complications that would not allow her to give Nikko the care he deserved. Hopefully, you can be his new forever home.

Nico, as you can see from the pictures, constantly has a smile on his face which matches his demeanor. He's very relaxed, VERY friendly, good with cats and dogs too...and apparently he's about to famous. Now, Dana is staying tight lipped but this little cutie is about to be featured on a TV show. Dana will have more on that tomorrow.

If you're looking for your new forever friend I challenge you not to immediately fall in love with this little guy. He's pure joy wrapped in a tiny, fluffy body.

Nikko 1

If you're like me and want to rescue every animal you see but don't necessarily have the space or budget for a new animal there are still plenty of ways that you can help the SPCA on their quest to help these animals find their home. Have a stack of towels or blankets that haven't been used in a while? Donate them!

In fact they have a list of things they're always looking for like:

  • Bleach
  • Dish soap
  • All purpose, antibacterial cleaners
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clumping Cat Litter
  • Pet toys
  • Cat and Dog food

And more which can be found here. As well, the SPCA of SW Michigan is always looking for volunteers too.

If you can somehow resist the charms of Nico ( and you're looking for a different kind of dog or a cat instead you can check out all of their animals available for adoption right now here.

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