While we are all in this "Stay At Home" order together, it's important to keep our minds active and to stay as positive as possible. I recently took to the KFR page to ask you, our friends, how your weekend went, but the exact opposite of how it actually went. A couple of my favorites included:

  • Saturday did a ton of stuff. Went all over. Did not take a nap. And it definitely wasn’t a 2.5 hr one! Sunday was very slow. Stayed inside all day. No yard work done. Definitely did not take another nap. This one wasn’t 1.25 hrs long.
  • I went to the bar with so many of my friends we got drunk and two of them got arrested. I will have to go into work on Monday late so I can bail them out. All because we went skinny dipping in the police chiefs swimming pool. It was fun but the two that got arrested need to run faster and not worry about their designer shoes that they went back to get.

Weekend Happenings

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