The tradition is as old as this country itself. Did you ever put up a neighborhood lemonade stand? A few lemons, some sugar, water and some ice cubes and you're in business, ready to make a few bucks. But too many times there's some poop in the neighborhood who ruins it all. What to do?In some places, it is technically illegal to sell lemonade without a permit. I guess it depends on how big a poop your local health department official is. But never fear. The folks at Country Time Lemonade are here for the rescue.

According to, in a brilliant promotional move, the folks at Country Time are offering to pay the costs of permits and fines for any kid popped for selling lemonade, all the way up to $300. They've even set a website where you can apply for assistance, (Ade rather that Aid, get it?)

Here's the video they put together.

(Country Time Lemonade via You Tube)



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