There are times when you find yourself driving in a certain area that doesn't have a speed limit sign posted, so how are you supposed to know how fast to drive? Well, it's a commonly asked question which is why it was recently posted in the 4YI Forum to clear up some confusion. The answer was simple:

The speed limit depends on where you are. Michigan Vehicle Code 257.627 establishes a person must drive a limit that is “careful and prudent" and shouldn’t exceed a limit that is “reasonable and proper.” The statute lists the limits for businesses, parks, residential areas and other roadways. However, the unposted speed limit on public roadways is 55 mph, except on expressways where the unposted limit is 70 mph, according to Michigan Vehicle Code 257.628 while the limit for residential areas is 25 mph, according to Michigan State Police.

So there you go, you shouldn't ever get ticketed if you follow those laws. Drive safe.

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