For a couple of years now I have wanted to find a delicious, reasonably, priced Chinese restaurant in the area. Now, the hunt has started, and so far great! In fact I could easily stop my search today since dinning at 'New China Moon' in Battle Creek (but I won't...not just yet anyways).

Mark Frankhouse and I had an appointment in Battle Creek and being the gentleman he is, he offered to take me to lunch. Of course I wouldn't pass up an opportunity like that (free food and all), so I pressured him for Chinese food. We landed at 'New China Moon'  (590 West Columbia Ave), and man, it was good!

I ordered...

  • Crab meat Rangoons (5)- $4.25
  • Egg drop soup with home made crackers - $1.95
  • And a #C-11 Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts; served with fried rice and an Egg Roll - $7.55

I can't speak for Mark, but my meal was AMAZING! super fresh, hot, great portions. Plus the restaurant  was peaceful and we didn't feel rushed with the meal.

I am not the only one that had a great experience there, check out some reviews!

Elizabeth M. took the time to jot down her thoughts on

I have lived in Chicago, Baltimore and now Lexington. I still come back to Battle Creek a few times each year and always make a point to get food from New China Moon when I am home! Their Mongolian Beef, Ma Po Tofu and Hot and Sour Soup are unmatched from all of the various places I have tried in the aforementioned cities. New China Moon is good food and great service! I wish there was a place like there where I live now :)

Ana N. reported on

I seriously love this place. Ive been ordering from them for years. I refuse to go anywhere else for Chinese.
I havent had one thing on that menu I wasnt happy with.
Try their dumplings !

Edwin I. stated on

Good Chinese food: large portions, reasonable prices, delivery & take-out.
There was friendly service. If you like spicy food get szechuan shrimp or pepper steak & onion. Tofu vegetable soup was good too (add shrimp if you like it).

Now I am looking for my next stop on my quest for the best Chinese. I am really enjoying the quality of places that Battle Creek has to offer, so please let me know what your favorite is so I can give it a try!


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