The Kalamazoo Growlers are facing heavy criticism after yesterday's announcement that on June 3rd, they're banning cell phones from Homer Stryker Field, and no, they're not joking. Growlers Vice President Brian Colopy said “While the cell phone has changed most of our lives for the better, it’s a double-edged sword. We’re more disconnected with each other now than ever before. On June 3rd, we want everyone to put the phones away for a few hours and enjoy time together with their loved ones. To do this, we’re taking this drastic action.”

This has sparked mixed emotions between fans and employess of the Growlers alike. Here are some reactions from across Facebook comment sections:

Jake Scott Schafer Baseball is archaic as is... Why punish the fans further lol... Baseball games and "The Gram" is a great combination.
Gary Meyle On June 3rd, I’m boycotting the Growlers.
Mike Miller I like looking up stats during the game.
Murray Passarieu I don't understand this at all. Bringing it to the game so I can be reached in case of emergency is a completely different issue than distracted driving. And if people want me to look up from my phone, maybe they should be interesting enough for me to do it on my own. LOL
Matthew C. Sittel Forget looking up player info/stats during the game.
I’d be more bothered handing over my phone to strangers than being asked to not have it at all.
Michael Brooklyn Buonvicino This isn't going to go well with the fans!
Tristan Tristanson Fascists.
One Growlers employee did reach out and ensure that their staff will be on alert for any emergencies that may arise for fans in attendance:
Jason D Fox I can attest that the front office phones, video board and PA system work well in reaching you in case of an emergency. As an employee of the Growlers, it is very bothersome when I or my wait staff are trying to deliver food to a table and we have to navigate around people with their nose to a screen. I'm looking forward to one night without the phones.

I have no feelings on the game personally. I agree phones can be a double edged sword and people can forget to enjoy the moment sometimes. I just feel like attendance for this game will be low for obvious reasons. It's less of that people wont be able to scroll Facebook, and more that the importance of being reached will be taken away. Good luck to the Growlers either way in the endeavour.

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