It's been an...interesting few weeks leading up to the election. I feel like the entire vibe has been a little tense. So, let's switch gears and talk about a heartwarming act of kindness out of Grand Rapids.

The Facebook page Great Heroes, which highlights selfless acts from people all over the world, recently shared a somewhat heartbreaking story. But, don't worry. It has a happy ending.

Thomas Daniel, 9 years old, was recently spotted by Grand Rapid's police chasing his school bus that he had missed. When the officer, Officer Lynema, stopped to see what was going on he learned that Thomas' mother didn't have a car. So, with mom's permission, Officer Lynema provided the ride that Thomas needed. During the trip, however, Thomas confessed that he was being bullied at school. On top of that, it was his birthday. But, since he had been bullied he was afraid that no one invited would actually show up for the party later that day.

Unfortunately, Thomas' fear became a reality. None of his invited classmates showed up for his birthday party. But, you know who did? Officer Lynema.

Showing up to make sure a kid you just met has someone to celebrate his birthday with is kind enough but, Office Lynema also noticed that Thomas didn't have a cake. So, he came back the following day, along with two other officers, with cake and a few gifts as well which was shown off on Great Heroes Facebook post.

Great Heroes FB Post Picture 1

I think its easy to forget how simple it is to show a little kindness. With the tension that's been in the air, it's nice to see an example of how little it takes to make someone's day. If you happen to find yourself in a position to make someone else smile today, I hope you take advantage.

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