Every now and again I find myself reading a story and wondering...is everything meant to be? Is there actually some sort of destiny that each of us are heading towards? Because this story is incredible. And who knows how it would have gone if these women weren't where they were at the right time.

As reported by WoodTV News Channel 8, a bride from Grand Rapids was having her bachelorette party at Bonobo Winery in Traverse City. They had just arrived and were ordering drinks when there was a sudden commotion inside the winery.

A woman had fallen, hit her head on the ground, and passed out. Thankfully, this bachelorette party was in the right place at the right time. Not one but two nurses were a part of the party.

Erica Wright, the bride, said that her mother, Maureen and her aunt, Jacqueline Clifford, immediately jumped into action. Jacqueline performed CPR and started checking for a pulse while Maureen performed mouth to mouth. The woman was revived after a few minutes and was taken away to be examined by a doctor.

Erica, who was supposed to have her bachelorette party a year ago, said that she believed it was fate that led them to the winery that day continuing with,

It feels like they were meant to be there to help this woman

What would have happened if these women hadn't been there to immediately help this woman who passed out? Who knows. But, it does give a little hope that maybe some things in life are just...meant to be.

You can see more of WoodTV's coverage of this incident below:

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