A touching adoption moment in Grand Rapids, MI last week restored my faith in the world.

In a story that traveled from Wood TV 8 to the ABC World News Tonight to the Today Show, little Michael has stolen the hearts of us all.

Wood TV 8 covered Adoption Day in a Grand Rapids courtroom as 37 children finally found forever homes.

One of those families includes Michael Clark Jr. and his new mom and dad. Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton became Michael’s foster parents about a year ago. On Thursday, they became his forever parents.

In the video below from ABC World News you'll see Michael's kindergarten class from Wealthy Elementary in East Grand Rapids came to show support.

The video ends with Michael telling his new forever father "I love you so much."  Not a dry eye in the courtroom last Thursday.

There are currently 4,000  -5,000 children in Michigan in need of foster care.  For more info click here.

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